Blóð / France


Blod was born during 2018 founded by the couple Ulrich W. (Otargos, ex Regarde les hommes tomber) & Anna W. (Lynn) in the city of Paris (FR)

In few words, Blod delivers some blackened Doom/Sludge music with both charmind and scotched voices.

At the crosswroads of band such as Shining, Windhand, Dolch and Amenra, Blod is for fan of black and doom metal.

During 2019, a debut album "Blod" placed the band within the landscape of french metal scene. Early 2021 a 2nd LP" Serpent" was released, blacker, heavier, an album full of darkness and sorcery.

The band is at this time preparing a new album expected for 2024.


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