enPHin / Finland

PH’s 20 years of psychedelic space-travel lend them a gargantuan understanding of the roots of music, towards the core meaning and power of transcendental sound. Fine-art museum-level workmanship for apocalyptic illegal factory raves and lysergic come-downs. Look no further for a sound beyond the limits of modern psychedelia.

These Finns return with their 6th full-length album and Pelagic Records debut, titled “End Cut”. A movie script that became a record, “End Cut” represents a perilous yet enlightening journey for body and mind. If you commit yourself to their guidance, ENPHIN will take you on a journey through post- apocalyptic wastelands into the deep caverns of the soul.

ENPHIN use End Cut to expand their sound in a great multitude of directions, further exploring elements of industrial, synthwave, goth rock and techno.

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