KARKARA / France

Formed in 2019 in Toulouse, KARKARA is a psychedelic rock band composed by Karim Rihani (guitar / vocals), Hugo Olive (bass / synth) and Maxime Marouani (drums / vocals). The band has since played
over a hundred shows in France and Europe and released two albums (‘Crystal Gazer’ in 2019 and ‘Nowhere Land’ in 2020), with UK label Stolen Body Records. KARKARA also played at Trabendo (+500 capacity venue in Paris) as well as headlining the Astral Festival in Bristol that same year.

KARKARA means “Punks / Slackers” in Tunisian.

Slackers because we all feel out of place in this society that gives us the feeling of going 240 km/h into a wall and we don’t want to go there. So if we’re going to crash into that wall it better off be a wall of amps, and if we can get high in the process it’s even better.

Getting high because KARKARA is an upbeat and high tempo psychedelic rock band with riffs like King Gizzard, melodies like Erkin Koray and a tempo like Squid. A deluge of uninterrupted psychedelism both trippy and hypnotic that transports you to a post-apocalyptic setting on the verge of implosion. Screaming amps, supercharged drums and deep voices mixing both sweet melancholy and desperate rage.

On stage, KARKARA manages to transcribe a hypnotic fury and reveals to the public a sound, an identity and an energy that grabs you in the guts instantly.

“wah wah” lovers, repetitive “boom boom kraut” enveloped in exotic sounds from the other side of the sea, trance is at the center of the project.

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