Five The Hierophant

Five The Hierophant / United Kingdom

Label: Dark Essence Records

Bleak, dark and devastating sound that combines heavy riffs, drone-like atmospheres and an intensity you only find in Black Metal. Using instruments like the djembe, rag-dung, violin, bowed guitars and saxophone, alongside a normal band set-up, Five the Hierophant, regale the listeners with unique and varied soundscapes. The band started their live activity with an epic set at Desertfest London in 2018, quickly followed by a European Tour with Thaw and Arrm and several Festival appearances such as Rock in Bourlon (Fr), Tales Of Drone (Ch), Red Smoke Festival (PL) and many more.

After releasing  "Through Aureate Void" on February 26th 2021 on Dark Essence Records the band played at Roadburn 2022, including a collborative set with Wyatt E., as well as Arctangent Festival and went on tour in Europe with Wyatt, appearing at festivals such as Red Smoke Festival and Mount Of Artan.

Five The Hierophant will release their 3rd full length in the Spring 2024.

Upcoming Shows

  • 08 Jun 2024 - Mystic Fest, Poland

  • 11 Oct 2024 - Soulcrusher Festival, Netherlands