Fange / France

Rennes, France
Label: Throatruiner Records

Active since 2013 and featuring members of Huata & Calvaiire, FANGE is the dirtiest combination of harshness, swedeath D-Beats and amplifiers worshipping. Abrasive, extreme, filthy and furious, offensive and excessive form of sonic catharsis, primal and grimy idioms.
In 2020 the band splitted with their drummer and decided not to replace him, infusing a new Industrial vibe into their Noisy Sludge Dbeat madness.

When it comes to Fange, everything should be mindless; everything should be off-balance, ill, deviated, unworthy, and fucking vile, with no possibility of ever being fixed or barely pleasant.

Latest record: "Pantocrator" released in February 2021 on Throatruiner Records

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