WAKE / Canada

Canada’s WAKE have never been a band interested in repeating themselves, this abundantly apparent from their discography, having evolved with every release. 2020’s Devouring Ruin made this more clear than ever, hammering the point home with the Confluence EP in the same year, and now they return with Thought Form Descent, their most dynamic, diverse and emotional release to date. “I’d describe the record as a place to reconsider what ‘extreme’ means. The words ‘brutal’, ‘crushing’, ‘devastating’ are overused adjectives for extreme music. We wanted to force people to confront the idea that ‘brutal’ or ‘extreme’ ideas aren’t just blast beats or angular tritones, or, more importantly, ‘brutal’ elements alongside pointedly passive elements can create their own experience that can channel both and neither.” Moving from Grindcore to a more defined, atmospheric, and layered sound, WAKE blends perfectly the technicality and rapidity of Death Metal and the intensity and atmosphere of Modern Black Metal, resulting in two beautiful albums: 'Devouring Ruin' in 2020 and 'Thought Form Descent' in 2022, out on Metal Blade Records. Masters of their craft, evolving after every release, WAKE explores and experiments, offering a transcendental experience.


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