Nature Morte

Nature Morte / France

Between Shoegaze and Black Metal, Nature Morte's music leaves us speechless. Delicate and destructive, the Parisian trio creates a wall of sound erasing all hope. A real trip into the depth of our souls, the power of their music lay in their writing: unique atmosphere, screaming voice, melancholic waves crushing everything in their path... 

After having traveled through many European countries (Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania ...) as well as France, and often very well accompanied (Comity, Demande à la poussiere, Heir, Erlen Meyer,...), Nature Morte is ready to unveil its musical ambitions even more with “messe basse”, a new opus by the Parisian trio, released by Source Atone Records, a label born out of a passion for the darkest and most extreme roughness of metal music.

Continuing to draw its influences from the different extreme currents (Black metal, Shoegaze, Post Rock ...) and not fearing any border by installing a climate of its own over its songs, Nature Morte continues its sound journey with the following of «NM1» (released in November 2018 by Argonauta Record) going even further in these largely digested influences. 


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