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Sunrise Patriot Motion deliver their debut album, Black Dream of the Torrent, a portrait of obsession and torment set entirely in a single isolated field where a man in the throes of mania believes he is capable of digging a hole deep enough to reach oil. With Yellow Eyes co-founders Will and Sam Skarstad on guitars and Andrew Chugg on vocals, Torrent finds surreal new territory at the edges of heavy metal and gothic rock, with the odd tensions of Killing Joke and the desperate pop undulations of Lifelover, Kino, and The Snake Corps. Rising out of the expanse is Chugg’s textured, melodic howl, like Motörhead playing outdoors a valley away. But for all of its grandeur, Torrent’s corners are in shadow, molded with glistening dungeon synth, unable to exorcise the fearful specter of memory and the terrible knowledge of self-annihilation. For all that it condemns, Black Dream of the Torrent, with music written primarily by Will Skarstad, lyrics written by Sam Skarstad and a delirious process of production and additional writing by the full band in the Summer and Autumn of 2021, is fundamentally a celebration of blind bliss and crazed focus, a fading recollection of Earth warmed by its own paranoid glow, a lament for the angels singing somewhere underground who will be dragged, gulping, into sight. The deeper the hole, the narrower the mouth. Salvation is at hand.


“This masterpiece is from the minds of the Yellow Eyes brothers Skarstad, Will
and Sam, who continue to prove they hold some of the most vivid visions of the
kaleidoscopic, regal Boschian netherworld since they began harrowing the stage
at Saint Vitus more than a decade ago.”
- Stereogum

“On their debut, the Skarstads are the melodic wunderkinds they’ve always
been, they’ve just moved from icy black metal to bouncy gothic rock. It’s
obviously excellent.”
- Creem Magazine

“Black Fellflower Stream is yet another marvel of sonic deviation... Once again,
the brothers’ compositional mastery proves to be peerless.”
- Invisible Oranges

“Explores dread and wonder without a wasted moment.” - Angry Metal Guy

“The Skarstads’ nimble prowess, drawing upon Lifelover’s messy, buzz-ridden
palettes, trades black metal’s claustrophobia for awe of the open... ”
- Spin (top 50
songs of 2022)

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